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Hi! I'm Morgan

I am a mama to two toddlers and a baby. As a former elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom, I have thoroughly enjoyed creating experiences for my kids all the while finding ways to do it less stressfully. In the past few years, I have spent so much time researching tips and tricks, recipes, and baby products but everything always felt very scattered or unreliable.


When you become a mama, the internet can be your best friend and yet at the same time want to make you pull your hair out. You know when you are scrolling through a recipe and tons of ads are popping up, a notification to sign up for the blog pops up, and then you can't even find the recipe in the middle of all that jumble?  Well, not here! My goal is to create a space that is more helpful than it is overwhelming. Without all the fluff. Just mom stuff- whether that be gift ideas for your toddler, crafts for a rainy day, an easy muffin recipe, or a new book recommendation. 


My promise to you is to:

  • only share products that I truly do love and believe will help you and your kids

  • provide tried and true activities to do with your kids that are easy, fun, and worthwhile

  • share recipes that my kids and family have enjoyed

  • create a space that is helpful, encouraging, and simple to follow

I pray that this space will equip you with the tools to create your own fun and memories with your family!

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