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Little Spoon Review

Thinking about, planning and preparing toddler meals can be stressful, overwhelming and time consuming. Sometimes us mamas need a break! I decided to give Little Spoon a try. Little Spoon is a meal subscription service for babies and toddlers. I ordered the toddler plates for my two kids. My subscription plan was 12 meals a week. I chose six different meals and ordered two of each. (I made sure they had the same meal so there were no fights at lunch or dinner time). My goal was to use these plates on a busy weekend or for lunch when I didn’t feel like cooking.

Also, I must add that this is in no way sponsored. I’m 99.9% Little Spoon has no idea who I am. As a mom, I have wondered what these services were like so I wanted to give it a try and hopefully help out any other moms who have been looking into ordering!

What I love about Little Spoon:

  • I love that this company makes high quality food. Little Spoon has no preservatives, no extreme heat processing, no additives and no GMOs.

  • I love that their plates are clearly marked for allergens. It was easy for me to find meals without eggs and nuts for my daughter.

  • I love that the food is packed with nutrients and has “hidden veggies.” I’m not a huge advocate for hiding vegetables but what I do love is that the ketchup is packed with butternut squash, carrots and spinach AND is tasty. I think a better word would be "bonus veggies." When my kids are scooping up the ketchup with their fingers and shoving it in their mouths like its ice cream, I am not cringing as much since I know it is made with nutritious ingredients.

  • I love the design and packaging. Sounds silly, but little kids get excited about these things and it’s fun for them to pick out which plate they want. The plates are also reusable & dishwasher safe.

  • I love that they are freezer friendly. If you don’t use them within their 14 day refrigerator fresh period, they will keep in the freezer for 2 months.

Overall, I really like Little Spoon. I think it is something I will do every once in a while or have on-hand in the freezer. It is crucial to have something quick to heat up after a long exhausting day or for when the babysitter comes.

Another great way to use this service is to gift to a mom! It would make a great gift for a mom that just had her second/third/fourth/etc. child. What a relief to not have to worry about cooking meals for the older kids at times when she needs to give her newborn lots of attention.

One more thing- Little Spoon is great about offering discount codes. Always do a Google search for discount codes before you sign up.


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