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Truck Books for Toddlers

I remember one month getting 32 books from the library. Three out of 32 books were about trucks. 32 BOOKS and my son only wanted to read those three books. Over and over. It's cute to see what our kids gravitate towards and it sure is worth it to get these books for my son and see his excitement and love for reading them with me.

  1. The Digger and the Flower - Sweet story about a digger that discovers a flower growing in the construction site. After the bulldozer knocks it down, the digger finds a way to restore the flower.

  2. Digger Dozer Dumper - Each page is dedicated to a different truck and has a rhyming poem to go along with it. The poems are a bit longer and wordier than some of these other books, so we will usually just choose his favorite trucks to read about rather than read the book all at once.

  3. Goodnight Digger - We love reading this at bedtime and saying goodnight to all the different trucks. It has a great soothing rhythm to it.

  4. Where do Diggers Sleep at Night? - We have a few of these books in this series and of course the one with the construction trucks is my son's favorite. Beckett loves pointing out the mommy and daddy trucks.

  5. Mighty Dads - Such a cute book. All the little trucks follow in their daddy's footsteps by trying to do the work that their dads are doing.

  6. Little Excavator - Sweet story about a little excavator on the construction site trying to do the work of the big trucks. He is just too small to do these jobs but then finally finds a job that is just right for him.

  7. Buildablock - Neat book that is fun for kids to flip through themselves. My son now has some of the lines memorized and likes to say them before flipping the pages.

  8. I'm a Truck Driver - Great for a bedtime book because of its shorter pages. You'll learn about different trucks and how each of them works. There is a dog or cat on every page and my son loves to point them out each time and see what silly trouble they get into.

  9. Old MacDonald Had a Truck - Cute twist on the classic "Old MacDonald" song but instead of animals it is all about different vehicles.


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