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Easter Books

I love to add books to my kids' Easter baskets that teach what Easter is really about. Each year leading up to Easter we will read the books in our collection and prayerfully my kids will grow to understand the love of Jesus. As you check out these books, it is important to remember that some books are more general and written to capture a little one's attention and others are more deep and specific to Scripture. I believe it is our job as parents to fill in the gaps where needed for our kids. They are all beautifully illustrated, and great beginner books to teach about Easter.

  1. Holy Week - This board book goes through the final week of Jesus's life and explores the feelings involved during those events.

  2. A Very Happy Easter - A retelling of the Easter story that encourages kids to participate in the reading by showing the emotions expressed by the characters.

  3. The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross - Starts at the very beginning at the Garden of Eden and uses eye-capturing illustrations to tell the story of why we need Jesus and what He did for us.

  4. A Very Happy Easter Prayer - Rhyming book that thanks God for all the things Spring brings. It ends with thanking God for Jesus and Easter. The story is simple and the illustrations are cute and capture a little one's attention.

  5. Easter is Coming - This book shows that from the very beginning God always had a plan. Each page shows the hope that we have because of Jesus.

  6. That Grand Easter Day - Pattern is similar to "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly." The story builds on itself as it is discovered what happened when the stone was rolled away.

  7. The Berenstain Bears and The Easter Story - A long but cute story of the bear cubs learning that Easter is about more than candy.

  8. God Gave Us Easter - Tells the story of Easter in a more abstract way. It's a sweet story of a little polar bear asking his father questions about Easter and what it means. This book helps with navigating conversations for little ones in ways to help them understand.

  9. Good News! It's Easter! - A delightful, cute, and simple story about new life in the Springtime ultimately ending with Jesus and the life He brings.

  10. Jesus Rose For Me - This book is heavier on words compared to the other books in this list as it goes into more specific detail on the time leading up to Jesus's death and WHY he died for us. I love that it has some questions throughout the book to help your child understand some biblical concepts.

  11. The Very First Easter - Teaches the events leading up to Jesus's death using simple text to help kids understand Easter.

  12. What Is Easter? - Great introduction to Easter for little ones. This book goes through all the fun things Easter might be about like jelly beans and easter eggs, only to conclude the real reason is the resurrection of Jesus.


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