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Beckett's Current Favorite Books

Here is a list of my son's favorite books right now. These are the ones that we are currently reading over and over, before bed and during the day. And now that he is approaching three years old (in July) he enjoys the longer books with stronger storylines.

  1. My Truck is Stuck! - Cute book that has repeating phrases. The truck gets stuck in a hole in the road and keeps asking other vehicles for help. None are able to pull the truck out until finally the tow truck comes and is the one to get the truck unstuck.

  2. King Jack and the Dragon - I cannot tell you how many times Beckett asks me to read this one which honestly I found surprising. I didn't think he would like this one too much. I thought maybe the idea of dragons would scare him but I don't think he is quite at the age yet where things like strange creatures scare him. So this book has become a fun favorite.

  3. Lost and Found - I just love this little adventure and story about friendship. The little boy is trying to bring the lost penguin back to where he belongs and after he finally does, they both realize how much they actually want to stay together after the friendship they formed.

  4. Hamsters Don't Fight Fires - Beckett loves firetrucks so this one caught his attention right away. I thought it might be a little old for him but we read it ALL THE TIME. (and its a good length book!) It is a cute story of a small little hamster that dreams to be a firefighter. When he gets his chance, he is at first discouraged by all the things he can't do because of his size. Soon he finds that there are many things he CAN do that make him a great firefighter.

  5. Toad on the Road Mama and Me - Another book with repeating phrases. A story of little toad and his mama driving the tow truck helping others along the way that have problems with their vehicles. It ends with a celebration of mama and toad for their friendship and their help.

  6. Little Blue Truck Leads the Way - Little Blue Truck books are our favorite. A fun story of how Blue the truck saves the day when all the trucks and cars get in a traffic jam in the city. Teaches a a good lesson about waiting your turn and being kind to others.

  7. The Gruffalo - I love the creativity of this book. My son gets a kick out of me reading it to him in all different voices to match the characters. This story is about different animals trying to lure in a mouse to eat him for lunch. The mouse starts making up a creature that he is meeting for lunch describing him as the scariest thing in the woods. The rest that follows is funny and delightful.

  8. Little Excavator - Beckett is obsessed with all things trucks. This one in particular he has really enjoyed. The little excavator tries to do the jobs of the other big trucks on the construction site but is just too small to do them right. Then there comes a job that needs a little truck (like him!). He does the job and learns that every truck has their own special job that is important.

  9. Strictly No Elephants - When a pet club doesn't allow elephants, a little boy decides to start his own to allow all pets. It is a sweet story of inclusion and friendship.

  10. There's a Bear on My Chair - Funny story of a mouse trying to get a bear off of his chair. He tries everything until finally the bear goes to his house and finds something surprising there.

  11. Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups - This book is a playful funny story of a penguin trying to get rid of hiccups after eating chili. The penguin tries everything. He asks the reader for help in scaring the hiccups out of him but he gets a big surprise in return!

  12. I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean - A silly story about a squid who keeps bragging about being the biggest thing in the ocean until he gets eaten by a whale that is bigger than him.


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