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Favorite Two Year Old Gifts

Two is a fun age for new gifts and toys because kids enjoy them more, find different uses for toys and really start using their imagination. All these toys are not only ones I love, but they are the things my son Beckett plays with the most.

1. Amazing Machines Book Series - This is such a fun book collection. They are small books that teach all about different vehicles. My truck loving toddler has me read one every night.

2. Rock n Gem Surprise - This is a must have! Every child that sees this in my house is instantly hooked on it. Either by themselves or with the help of the parent, you position the pick in the rock and hammer it down to crack open the rock to find the gem inside. My kids have so much fun with this. You'd be surprised how long this will keep them busy.

3. Truck Bathtub Stickables - I love bath toys that don't get water stuck in them and are easy to clean. My kids love to pretend play with these cars and trucks in the bathtub.

4. Play Kitchen Sink - This was a great and unexpected find that my kids have so much fun with. You fill the bottom with water and it will continuously pump through the faucet to create a real life sink. I keep this one outside because my 18 month old gets the water all over. She loves pretending to wash the dishes. If using inside, I'd suggest putting a towel under to catch any splashing water.

5. Water Pen Mat - I love this open ended creative gift. You fill the special pen with water and kids can draw and write whatever they want on the mat. It shows up in color when you write with the water pen. It fades and dries and you can use it over and over. It's a great mess-free way to "color." 6. Tiny Land Kids Teepee - My son got this as a gift for his 2nd birthday and absolutely loves it. He hides in it, plays imaginary games in it, reads in it, etc. Endless opportunities with this teepee. It comes with little string lights and a light weight mat for the bottom.

7. Button Art - This toy reminds me of a toddler version of Lite Bright. You match the button to the color on the board to create a picture. My 18 month old enjoys this with help on where to push down the buttons. My 2.5 year old can do this more independently and has fun creating new pictures while practicing his colors.

8. Lego Duplo Construction Trucks - I'm excited to jump into the lego world and this was the first introduction for my son. He LOVES his trucks so right away it was a hit. I love that with legos/duplos you can always build off the set you have. Looking forward to add more to our collection.

9. Melissa and Doug Road Map - I love this road map and so does my son. My son is getting into pretend play more and it has been so much fun to show him how to do this. This is a toy that he plays with the most independently.


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