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Preschool starts soon and luckily not much is required for these little munchkins except some few basics. However, it is still easy to get wrapped up in the choices of just those few things! Here are my favorites from my son's first year of preschool and what we will be using again this year for both my kids.

  1. Bentgo Box - These lunchboxes are popular for a reason. The tray is dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean and the compartments are great for organizing lunch.

  2. Name Sticker Labels - Our preschool requires that nearly everything be labeled-water bottle, lunch box, backpack, etc. I thought it would be fun to try out these cute labels that are dishwasher safe and I have been very pleased with the look and quality. Here is a set from Amazon if you want to write in the name yourself, which I used for Beckett's first year. Definitely great for the price-they lasted the year and never came off when washing.

  3. Contigo Kids Water Bottles-2 pack - We've tried A LOT of water bottles and I have liked the Contigo brand the best. The straw works just like a regular straw therefore it is easy to suck the water up (unlike some bottles that you have to bite on the straw to suck up the water). I also like that the water spout is covered when you press it down so it doesn't get touched by anything when tossed around. It is easy to clean as well.

  4. PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag - Genius lunch box. No need for freezer packs with this. You simply put the lunchbox in the freezer and the whole thing turns into a freezer pack that keeps the lunch cool until lunchtime!

  5. OREZI Toddler Backpack - Just bought this for my daughter after searching around for a backpack that isn't too small or too big. I like that this one will be big enough for her extra change of clothes and shoes, water bottle, papers, snack and jacket. Also just love this cute print since she loves pink and dinosaurs.

  6. Non-Slip Crew Socks - We have gone through so many socks it is ridiculous. The last set I bought were 3T for my son and after one wash they were too small. We recently bought these crew socks in size 4-7 and I was surprised that they fit fine with obvious room to grow. No more searching for socks in the morning with this new pack!

  7. Cat & Jack Toddler Shoes - I love the toddler shoes at Target. These sneakers are the go-to shoes for playground and outdoor play for my daughter. I know they will be great for preschool.


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