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Favorite One Year Old Gifts

Between my son and daughter, these have been their favorite gifts at 1 year old (and beyond!) I always notice the ones that they go back to again and again, the ones they can grow into, and the toys that have more than one use. These are also the toys that I will gift to others knowing how much my kiddos enjoyed them.

  1. Radio Flyer Busy Buggy - This is a must have for any one year old! They use it to push, sit and ride on, and my son especially loves to hide little toys under the seat. It is a great toy that is used for a long time in various ways.

  2. Fisher Price Dollhouse - This dollhouse gets so much use from both of my kids. It is such a great way to teach kids new language as you pretend play with the little people. I think it is a great "starter" dollhouse. Small but perfect for young toddlers.

  3. Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster - My son got this from Grandpa for his 1st birthday and now two years later it is still a hit. Every kid that comes over loves this toy. I love that it is great for a wide range of ages. It is neat to see your child grow with it. At first you may be holding them while riding down and before you know it they are climbing up themselves and pushing themselves down. Now my older one loves to push his sister down which is great for me to sit back and watch! My kids also love rolling balls and pushing cards down the slide.

  4. Fisher Price School Bus - This school bus can be pushed & pulled. The blue handle tucks underneath when not being pulled. It is a great toy my one year old loves but is also one to grow into as they develop their imaginations and play with the little people taking them to school like my 2.5 year will do. I love toys that BOTH of my kids enjoy even if it was a gift for her 1st birthday.

  5. Pots & Pans - My husband might not agree with this one since playing with the pots and pans may have woken him up a few mornings (sorry babe!) But I love that these are just like mommy's pots and pans yet miniature size! It is a great toy to keep near the kitchen so your toddler can "cook" with you and explore by stirring and cooking and banging. Theres always so much to do with a classic set of pots and pans. We now use them in the play kitchen.

  6. Animal Adventure Plush Chair - You might be surprised by how much use a simple plush chair gets! I had to buy another one for my 2nd child because there was so much fighting over who would sit in it. Now they will each sit in their chairs and eat a snack, "read" or just relax, cause you know being a toddler is hard work.

  7. Laugh & Learn Car - Whenever kids visit or come over for a playdate, this is always one that they gravitate towards. Endless fun with this car.

  8. V Tech Dump & Go Dump Truck - Many uses with this little truck. The kids love pushing the "rock" through the hole over and over. My son fills the dump truck with all sorts of little things and loves pulling it around the house.

  9. Inflatable Bouncy Horse - This is one that your child will grow into. First my son had a great time with me holding him while I bounced him on it. Before I knew it, he was bouncing all over the house on it. Great way to burn that energy!


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