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'Tis the season for costume ideas! My kids usually change what they want to be every couple of days but last year during a strong Paw Patrol phase, they were quick to decide on their favorite rescue pups. I wanted to share how I put the costumes together for any other Paw Patrol lovers. I didn't originally plan on making the costumes but when I saw the Paw Patrol costumes they had at the Halloween store, I honestly knew I could do something cuter. I ended up having fun making these costumes!



Backpack- Dollar store

Hat- Thrift store

Vest- Carter's/Old Navy

Brown shirt- Thrift store

Brown pants- Already had them (Target)

Brown shoes- Already had them (Target)

Ears, hat & pup badge- Felt from Michael's


For the hat, I wrapped black felt around the bill, hot gluing underneath. Then I cut a strip of yellow and glued that to the front. Fabric scissors are a MUST when cutting the felt. They are sharp and cut much easier than regular scissors. It makes a world of a difference. Using dark and light gray felt, I cut out the paw print piece for the hat and glued it over the printed label on the front. Using brown and light pink/peach felt I made the ears by pinching the bottoms and gluing them to the side of the hat.

I mainly got the gray backpack because his sister had one and I knew he would want one too. Thankfully, I found it at the dollar store also.

For the pup badge, I simply cut out a triangle shape with rounded corners and glued another blue one on top and then a star. I attached two strips of black felt to create the collar and then safety pinned the back so I could easily attach it to my son.



Pink dress- Carter's

Backpack- Dollar store

Wings- Cardboard from an Amazon box

Pup ears headband- Thrift store (or try a costume store)

Gray leggings- Already had (Old Navy)

Furry boots- Already had (Target)

Goggles & pup tag- Felt and foam board from Michael's


Using an image from online, I used a pen to outline the shape of the pup badge and made each individual shape, gluing it on top of each other to create the whole badge. I used a glue gun to put everything together. Then I attached two strips of dark gray felt to make the pup badge collar.

For the backpack, I luckily found a pink backpack at the dollar store and although it was flimsy, it worked well enough. I cut out pieces of an Amazon box and painted them gray then hot glued the wings onto the backpack

I was also fortunate to find the pup ears at a thrift store (unused!) and I made the goggles out of a thicker foam board from Michael's.

As you can see, none of the cutting or shapes are cut perfectly but once it was all together, you don't really notice. The kids loved these costumes so much and I loved that I already had a lot of the items or we could use them again. Get creative, put your own spin on it and have fun!


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