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Snow Globe Ornaments

This ornament makes for the perfect homemade Christmas gift. It has been my favorite ornament that we have made and the grandparents have loved them as well!

Materials Needed

- Laminating pouches/laminator (see here for a great price for both!)

- White paint & paintbrush

- Glitter (optional)

- Number stickers (can find in the stationary section at Michael's)

- Wallet size photo of child

- Scissors

- Black paper

- Hole puncher

- Glue

- String/ribbon

- Bowl or something circular to trace


1. Using a bowl, lightly trace a circle on the inside of the laminator pouch, but do not cut it out.

2. Paint the snow and use the opposite end of a paintbrush to make small dots of snow. Let dry completely. Can add glitter if you desire. (very important to let it all dry so it doesn't smear when you close the pouch and laminate it)

3. Once completely dry, cut out a photo of your child and glue the photo on the snow as if they are standing or sitting in it. Let dry.

4. Close the pouch and laminate it. Cut out the circles.

5. Hand draw the base of the snow globe on black card stock and glue it to the back of the circle.

6. Use number stickers for the year, hole punch at the top, and tie a string.

7. Give as a gift or hang on the Christmas tree!


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