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Easy Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is about two weeks away! I wanted to share some past gift ideas as well as what I am doing this year for my husband. He is a hard one to shop for so I love an easy DIY project from the kids or a personalized gift that is unique and sentimental.

Handprint keychain

I have had this saved on my Pinterest for a couple of years and finally gave it a try. They are "Shrinky Dink" handprints that only take a few minutes in the oven. Although there are quite a few specialized things needed to create this, it is easy to do and it makes such a special gift. This would also be great to make for multiple family members at the same time since the paper comes in a pack of 10 and the key rings and jump rings come in a large pack as well. I got all of my materials from Michael's but I will provide links to Amazon incase that is easier to purchase from. Here are the original directions I used.

Materials Used:

Gloss acrylic paint


Hole Puncher


Golf footprint frame

I thought this was so cute and simple for a golf-loving dad (or Grandpa!) We made this a couple years ago before little Brin came into the world but you could easily do a foot for each child you have. I used a tiny bit of red paint for the flag and with the opposite end of a paint brush, I did a dab of white paint for the gold ball. I did this on green card stock but doing it on a small canvas would be nice as well. Either way, make sure you get extra paper or canvas incase you don't get a nice footprint on the first try (took me a couple times with my squirmy boy.)

Materials Used:

8x10 green card stock (from Michael's)

Green, red and white paint

Black sharpie

Black stickers (stationary section in Michael's)

8x10 frame

Engraved grill tools

These grill tools were a Father's Day present from a couple years back and it is still a favorite of my husband. I love that it is something that can be used all year around. You can customize what you want on it (Name, #1 Dad, Best Daddy, etc.) I chose to use our name. Here is the Etsy shop I ordered from.

Daddy's grilling plate

Looking at this photo I am realizing that the grill is a bit crooked, the lines are not straight and I really wish I had nice writing. I tend to be a hard critic when it comes to art projects. However, I remind myself that this is "from the kids" so these imperfections are totally acceptable...right?! Also reminding myself that my artwork will not be in a museum anytime soon.

Materials Used:

Large white ceramic platter (I could not find one from the Dollar Tree so I got this one from Target for $13. You can also check out your local thrift store.)

Oil-based Sharpie paint markers

Acrylic paint- orange and red

Rubbing alcohol

Directions for the grilling plate:

1. Wipe the platter with rubbing alcohol to get off all dirt and oil.

2. Once clean and dry, I wrote Daddy's Grilling Plate with the black paint marker. Then I did one child's handprints in orange and the other in red.

3. After paint is dry, draw the grill around the handprints with the paint markers.

4. Once everything is completely dry (I waited overnight), place the plate in the oven and turn it on to 350 degrees. Once it reaches 350, bake for 30 minutes. (Make sure plate is in the oven BEFORE you start heating it up or else plate may shatter due to sudden change of temperature.)

5. After the 30 minutes, turn off the oven but keep plate inside until completely cool. This process will seal the paint.

DivvyUp custom socks

I got a pair of these last year (see left photo) and my husband absolutely loved them so I got him a pair this year. I plan on making it a tradition and getting him a new pair each Father's Day. They are so adorable and funny. Here is the site I ordered from.

DIY Artwork mug

This would be especially cute for kids that are old enough to draw actual pictures but still a precious gift from little ones that is personalized and sweet just for daddy. You can always add it to a new coffee machine if you really want to go all out! In order to seal the marker paint on the mug you will have to bake it in the oven just like the grill platter above. After using the paint pens, I waited until the next day to seal it in the oven. Once you are ready, place mug in the oven directly on the oven rack and then turn it on to 350 degrees. Once temperature is reached, bake for 30 minutes and then turn off the oven but don't take out the mug. Keep mug inside the oven until completely cool so sudden change of temperature doesn't shatter the mug.

Materials Used:

Ceramic mug (Michael's or Dollar Store)

Oil based Sharpies


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