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Favorite 6-12 Month Old Toys

Such a wide age range with a lot going on! It is such a joy to watch your baby at this age explore the world around them. Baby is starting to crawl, learning how to pull themselves up, and maybe even beginning to walk. Here are some fun things to entertain that growing baby of yours and encourage their development.

  1. Fisher Price Piggy Bank- It's amazing how much time was spent by my daughter inserting the coins in the piggy bank. It really is the simple things!

  2. Learning Resources Hedgehog- This one is great for fine motor skills and for teaching colors. It takes practice to do independently but once they get the hang of it, just like the piggy bank, they will be doing it over and over again.

  3. Hide and Seek Eggs- I came across this by accident and then once I saw how much my babies loved it, I started gifting to others. When my son was a baby he was so intrigued by these eggs, taking off the shells, hearing the soft squeak and carrying them in the case.

  4. Baby Einstein Activity Table- Great activity table once your baby starts pulling himself up. Depending on the type of floor you have, you may have to be careful of it sliding around when baby is trying to pull up on it. I love all the different ways for a child to interact with this table. Out of all the activity tables this has been my favorite that I have found. The music is pleasant to hear and not annoying and it even includes a whiteboard to draw on.

  5. Playskool Pop-up Activity Toy- I remember having this when my son was younger and a preschool teacher said to me "That toy is always a hit! The kids love it!" When they are very young, it's fun to press the buttons for them as they watch the animals pop up, and then before you know it, they are pushing and turning the buttons themselves and naming which animal is which.

  6. Crawl Through Tunnel- Great for new crawlers. My kids, now three and two years old, still play with this tunnel and find many different uses for it. Also, it folds up easily to store.

  7. Pop-up School Bus- The little stick people pop up when you push them down which is always entertaining for a baby to watch and then imitate. You can take the stick people in and out and push the bus around. Looks simple but my kids always enjoyed it.

  8. Stacking Rings & Shape Sorter- Two classic baby toys in one set. These were some of the first toys my kids played with as babies.

  9. Melissa and Doug Alligator Walker- I like that this walker is sturdy and the only noise it makes is the sound of the alligators clacking. No annoying songs you can't shut off! It is a cute simple walker that both my kids had fun pushing (even long after they knew how to walk).


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