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Favorite Board Books

Reading to my babies is one of my favorite things to do. Whether it is part of bedtime routine with a newborn, or something to do with your infant during the day, it is such a rewarding and wonderful way to bond with your child. It is so fun to see which books your children prefer once they can point and make noises. Sometimes it is the unexpected books- so have fun exploring a wide variety of books!

  1. Mama Loves You So - I love to buy this sweet book for new mamas. It's the perfect book to read to your newborn baby with the melodic sweet rhymes and warm illustrations of different mamas and their babies.

  2. Blue Hat, Green Hat - Silly book about a turkey that keeps putting clothing items on the wrong body part. My son laughs out loud after each page which in turn makes me laugh so we have a good time with this simple book.

  3. Some Bugs - Explore all the things that bugs do- glide, hide, sing, sting, etc. I just love all the new action words to teach my kids through this book.

  4. Little Panda - A sweet melodic rhyming book of a little penguin making his way through the snow.

  5. Penguin Says Please - Simple and cute. This is a great starter book on using manners. My son began using the word "please"more after reading this book.

  6. Toot Toot Beep Beep - Learn all the different sounds each vehicle makes, the colors of each car and discover new action words in this book.

  7. Vroom Vroom Garbage Truck - My son's first favorite book! Every night before bed, this is the one he would point to before he could really talk. The whole book is written in onomatopoeias. Maybe it is the simplicity of the sounds (whoosh whoosh, click clack bang) and the pictures of the trash truck in the city that captured my son. I'm not sure, but this will always be well loved.

  8. Jamberry - We received this as a gift for Christmas one year and I just love the sweet adventure of the boy and the bear and all the berries along the way. Instantly became a bedtime favorite.

  9. Car, Car, Truck, Jeep - Sing along to the tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep with this book about cars and vehicles. My kids always enjoy this one and I do too because I think it is so fun to sing this well-known melody with such different words.

  10. The Itsy Bitsy Snowman - A sing-song book that you can read to the tune of the Itsy Bitsy Spider. We are still reading this in the summertime because my kids love it so much.

  11. Bizzy Bear Zookeeper - Bizzy Bear books have been read millions of times in our house. It's hard to choose which one is our favorite one but the kids have loved all of these simple rhyming books that are interactive with pull and turn elements.

  12. The Watermelon Seed - Silly and fun story about a crocodile that thinks a watermelon is growing in his belly after he swallows a seed.


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