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Favorite Games for 3+ Year Olds

My son received so many games for his 3rd birthday this summer which we were both excited about because he had just started to love playing games. It has been a lot of fun to teach him some classics from when I was young as well as learn some new ones together.

  1. Don't Break The Ice - Classic game we probably all remember! Definitely took a bit of time to teach my kids not to smash the hammer and purposely break all the ice. Also my son still thinks that he wins when the penguin falls. Win or lose, this one is always exciting.

  2. Zingo - I love that this game can be played by all ages. My daughter who is under two loves playing it too. They love taking turns sliding the red dispenser to reveal the Zingo chips and then get excited to see who has the "house" or the "cake"on their card. As you can tell from the ratings, (over 19,000 five star reviews!) this is a hit for kids of multiple ages.

  3. Sneaky Snacky Squirrel - Cute game where you spin the spinner and then use the squirrel to pinch whichever colored acorn you get and bring it to your tree stump. Once your tree stump is full, you win. This game reminds me of Hi Ho Cherry-O.

  4. Alphabet Bingo - I love that this is a fun game my three year old and under two year old can play together. Each of the bingo chips has the letter on one side and the picture of the animal on the other side. My daughter can easily see the animal picture and find it on her board without help.

  5. Candy Land - I don't think this one needs explaining. I was excited to introduce this old favorite to my son and it doesn't let down!

  6. Yeti in My Spaghetti - This is a fun one we were introduced to at my niece's house. You drop all the spaghetti in the bowl and then place the yeti on top of the pile. Each person takes a turn carefully pulling a spaghetti out. The first one to make the yeti fall to the bottom loses. Great game for a wide range of ages.

  7. Count Your Chickens - My son loves chickens so I knew he would enjoy this one. It is a cooperative learning game where you work together to bring the little chicks back to their home. There is a lot of counting involved so it is a game that he needs more help with on each turn.

  8. Feed The Woozle - A silly game that isn't very challenging but the little ones laugh and have a good time with it. There are variations you can play depending on the age level so you can make it more challenging for the older kids. I was pretty surprised how much my 4 year old niece loved this one too. It involves balancing a food chip on a spoon while doing a silly move (bunny hop, walk backwards, etc.) to bring it to the woozle.

  9. Sequence For Kids - Sequence (the adult version) is one of MY favorite games! I didn't even know they made a kid version until he received this as a birthday gift. This version uses animals that you try to match with your cards on the board to create a sequence (4 animals in a row).


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