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Favorite Lift-the-Flap Books

Great interactive and learning books for babies (and beyond). It is so fun to first lift the flaps for your baby and then see them reach for the books and do it themselves. The sweet innocent smile of excitement when you reveal what is under the flap is always so precious.

  1. Do Cows Meow? - A bright and fun book that has large mouth flaps revealing what sound each animal makes. Each page has a rhyme for an animal such as "Do horses run? Do horses play? All I know is horses go...NEIGH!" The kids love making each animal noises as we lift the flap.

  2. Where's Spot? - Classic book my kids will still pull out to read. They have always loved trying to find Spot and also saying which animal is actually hiding under each flap.

  3. Dear Zoo - Always a favorite to see which big animals were sent by the zoo and why they are not the right fit- until the very end when the perfect pet is sent.

  4. Little Red Barn - I love these chunky flap books because they are easy for little fingers to open and they don't rip off. I have one child notorious for ripping flaps off but not this book!

  5. Who's Hiding in the Box? - Simple book that has an animal peeking out of the box so you can guess what it is before lifting the flap. The reviews are very low because a person said their book was in Dutch. Not sure why but ours is in English and we find nothing wrong with this book for little ones.

  6. Peek-A-Boo Farm - What baby doesn't like playing peek-a-boo?! Guess the animal hiding behind the flap with the little clues given to you.

  7. Where is Baby's Belly Button? - My kids love the Karen Katz books and this one is great for learning body parts and teaching kids where their belly button, hands, and feet are on their own bodies.

  8. Good Night, God - Another chunky flap book that is simple and cute about praying to God before bedtime.

  9. Where's the Ladybug? - These soft flaps are perfect for little ones. They don't rip off and babies always enjoy the simplicity and ease of lifting the flap to see what animal is underneath. This is a great first flap book for babies.


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