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KiwiCo Review

My son Beckett received a KiwiCo subscription for his 3rd birthday and even though he didn't understand at first what it was, I was THRILLED. I have gifted it before to some older kids and was looking forward to when Beckett would be old enough to try it himself. From one mom to another, no sponsorship or kickback, let me tell you, I absolutely love KiwiCo (and my son does too)! It is such a wonderful and creative idea. It has been the perfect thing for Beckett and I to do together as my daughter naps.

KiwiCo is a subscription service that sends you a box each month full of hands-on learning activities. There are different boxes for all ages. My son got the Koala Crate which is designed for 2-4 year olds. The Koala crate contains science activities, arts and crafts and other projects that encourage play based, imaginative learning. Each box comes with a booklet that has a story ad interesting facts to teach that month's theme, directions for three different crafts/activities and all the supplies needed for those projects.

The theme for this box was glowing nature. We created a a glow in the dark lightning bug, glow in the dark mushroom lamp, and a jelly fish game.

For each project, I try to let Beckett do as much as possible and I do the harder parts. Here he had fun stuffing the sock to make the bug body and he stuck on the eyes by himself as well.

For the mushroom lamp, my son loved the painting part although we did have to wait a while for the paint to dry in order to do the next step. It ended up being the next day so my daughter helped with putting on the glow in the dark stickers. We took the mushroom outside to let it "charge" in the sun for a few minutes then quickly ran with it inside to a dark closet to see it glow. The kids thought it was so cool and carried it around all day.

We created this jellyfish scene that both my kids had fun with as well. Beckett and I make the projects and crafts together and then my younger daughter usually gets the benefit of playing with whatever we both make. Beckett had fun sticking the animal window clings on the window and then pulling the strings on the jellyfish to make him dance and "eat" the ocean animals.

KiwiCo boxes make such a wonderful gift because they are unique, educational, creative, and fun. It is exciting not knowing what you are going to get each month. There are always discount codes being offered as well as different subscription plans. I think 4 years old would be the ideal age to start but ultimately depends on your own child's development/attention span/personality. As they get older, they will obviously be able to do more by themselves but my son doesn't seem to mind as I do a lot of the projects. Six months ago this probably would've been too much for him. But now he is able to sit patiently and wait to finish the projects rather than walk away in the middle bored. We've been really happy with it and are excited for more boxes to come in the mail!

Check out the website and different age ranges here- KiwiCo


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