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Postpartum Essentials

All these items on this list are things that I have personally used and have found the most helpful with my third baby this past month. Those first days (and weeks) after bringing baby home are hard for many reasons. I hope having some of these things will make life a bit easier and more comfortable for you mamas.

  1. Nursing bras- These ones are soft, comfortable, and provide some support with the removable padding. One of my favorites is this bra for its multi-use. They are very comfy to sleep in and are designed for hands-free pumping and nursing. You can even do both at the same time. I have so many of these bras from when I had to exclusively pump for my one child. Another great option for sleeping are these bras which come in a pack of three and are very comfortable and soft. However, they do not have the pumping option.

  2. Nursing tanks- Nursing tanks are perfect to have for any time of the day- especially the days you're lounging around the house. It makes things a lot easier when you need to feed your baby.

  3. Henley tops- These have become my favorite top (well only top) that I wear now with my newborn. I love the easy access with the buttons and because they are just regular shirts, not maternity/nursing shirts, you can wear them well after you're done with the nursing stage.

  4. Nursing-friendly pajamas- Again, the buttons are everything. I bought two pairs from Amazon that I have really liked- they are thin but comfortable. I suggest getting a few pairs because those postpartum night sweats are brutal. When I came home from the hospital I had really bad night sweats where I was waking up multiple times to change my clothes. Everyone is different but something to keep in mind and something I was not warned about pre-labor!

  5. High-rise underwear/diaper- This was something that I didn't buy after my previous births but liked having this time around. They are similar to the big "diapers" you get at the hospital but I found them more comfortable and supportive. (notice the theme of comfortability yet??)

  6. Nursing pads- I use these reusable washable pads but have also used disposable ones you can find at Target. Either way you go, I have found these crucial for all those milk leaks you will inevitably have. Pads will save you from having to change your clothes all the time.

  7. Peri bottle- This upside-down peri bottle will be much appreciated in those early days postpartum.

  8. Muslin cloths - I use these for everything. I like keeping a few near me whenever I am nursing to clean up any milk leaks. They are also great as burp cloths.

  9. Gray bed chair pillow - Maybe not something you would initially think of, but boy am I glad I have this in my bed. As I am constantly sitting up to feed my baby throughout the night, I have support to sit up straight with this pillow which makes nursing a lot easier.

  10. Earth Mama Nipple Butter- Great for those early days of breastfeeding when your nipples are sore/cracking/bleeding. I love that there are no harmful ingredients so I don't have to worry about my baby consuming it while nursing.

  11. Extra pads- I made sure I had pads in each bathroom and also got some thinner ones for when the bleeding wasn't so bad.

  12. Lots of comfy pants- When I got home from the hospital, I just wanted to be comfortable. I wasn't about to lounge around in jeans all day and I didn't quite fit in my old clothes. I ended up ordering loungewear from Amazon and Target right away- especially pants that weren't too tight/wouldn't emphasize the size of the diaper and pads I would be wearing for a while.

  13. Baby Tracker App- This app has been so helpful to track feedings. In those early weeks when sleep deprivation takes over, having something to remind me what time my baby last ate is one less thing I have to try to keep track of myself. If she starts to cry and get fussy, I can check on my app exactly when I last fed her and when I see it has been 45 min to 1 hour, I know she is probably tired and not yet ready for another feeding. It also helps to know when I may need to wake her up to feed if it has been more than 3 hours. I love this in the middle of the night as well to track how long she is going in between feedings.


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