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Toddler Easter Basket

Toddlers are at such a fun age for easter baskets because they get so excited about the smallest things, love opening and receiving little presents, and are really starting to understand Easter.

  1. Sunglasses - These sunglasses fit my little toddlers well without falling down their tiny faces. I also like that these cute ones for girls come in a pack of eight. In case one gets lost or broken, you'll have plenty of backups.

  2. What is Easter? - This book teaches the real reason for Easter in an engaging, friendly way for kids.

  3. Play-Doh Eggs - Who doesn't love festive play-doh?! I feel like our playdoh is always drying out so having extra on hand is key.

  4. Gardening Tools - Perfect for Spring and great to keep your little ones busy outdoors.

  5. Toddler swimsuit - Love these swimsuits from Target because they have the snaps on the bottom which means you don't have to take off the whole suit for potty trips or diaper changes.

  6. Croc Sandals - Loveee these croc sandals for when the weather gets warm. Easy to slip on and wash off.

  7. Reusable sticker books - I bought each of my kids (three and two years old) one of these books around Christmas and I was surprised how long the books kept them entertained. AND they kept going back to the books to rearrange the stickers. Here is a three-pack that has a nice variety of themes for boys and girls.

  8. Baseball cap - Great price and many colors for these baseball caps for toddlers.

  9. Live Butterfly Kit - My sister had this for her kids and they loved watching the process of caterpillars grow into butterflies. I'm excited to give one to my kids this year.

  10. Sidewalk Chalk - Chalk is always a win for toddlers. Provides endless play outside.

  11. Scissors Skills book - My 3 1/2 year old has been interested in using scissors so I thought this would be perfect for strengthening his fine motor skills.

  12. Welly bandaids - My kids are obsessed with bandaids. Welly has the cutest prints and even better than that, they stay on very well.

  13. Crayola Jumbo Crayons - Crayons that my kids can't break easily are my favorite.

  14. Rainboots - We got these rainboots last year and they are my son's favorite. There are many cute designs for boys and girls.

  15. Annies Organic Bunny Snacks - If my kids are getting gummies, Annies brand is my go-to. The mini bunnies are perfect for Easter.

  16. Color Bug Catcher game - Cute game to practice fine motor skills and counting skills.


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