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Favorite Baby Toys

Babies may not really need toys but there have been a few key items that have been enjoyed by my kiddos, are helpful for development, and also make great gifts for a new mama. This list is a combination of rattles a baby can shake in the car, a great tummy time water mat and also some items that they will grow into like the stacking toys.

  1. Green Toys Keys- I love this brand so much and was excited to see they make baby rattles and keys. I am comforted by the fact that there are no toxins in their products and also love I can toss the toy in the dishwasher after my baby drops it on floor for the umpteenth time.

  2. Tummy Time Mat- Got a stubborn baby who hates tummy time? This mat works wonder. You fill it up with water and your baby will stay entertained pushing the animals around and making the water move while strengthening their neck and head.

  3. Mushie Stacking Cups- Stacking toys provide a baby endless amounts of fun and early development opportunities. It is a great way to build communication, vocabulary and fine and gross motor skills. Stacking also helps develop hand eye coordination and spatial relationships (Bottom, top, etc.).

  4. Wooden Stacking Rings- My baby girl was attracted to this at such a young age and now at 18 months, still plays with it. It's a cute simple gift for a new baby.

  5. Bright Stars Activity Gym- Did not realize how much I would love this activity gym at first. It starts as a fun tummy time mat and a place to set your baby on his back as he reaches for the toys. Then it turns into a mini ball pit! Oh my goodness both my kids love this so much. Whether they were 9 months old or 2 years old, they always love a good ball pit.

  6. Wee Gallery Nesting Blocks - I love the design of these blocks. They would make a great gift for a new baby. It is a gift that a child grows into and can use for years. I first used stacking blockings to capture my son's attention during tummy time and then when he started flailing his arms, he enjoyed knocking the tower down after I built it. And before you know it, they are building and stacking on their own. In addition to all the benefits of stacking, I just love all the vocabulary that can be used while showing and playing with these with your baby. Numbers, animals, plants, positional words...endless conversation!

  7. Indestructible Books- These books are amazing! They are chew proof, rip proof, non toxic AND 100% washable. I have tried ripping them and they truly are rip proof. I am so fascinated by these little books!

  8. B. Toys Soft Blocks - Not only are these squishy blocks cute but I love that they are great for babies to chew on and grab. No worrying about dropping on toes or paint rubbing off while chewing.

  9. Fat Brain Toys MiniSpinny- A simple toy that is mesmerizing and a great entertainment for a car ride as they turn the toy upside down to watch the spinner fall down. Repeat over and over.

  10. Bright Stars Link Rings - These rings are great for car rides, stroller rides, tummy time or really any time! So simple but is entertaining for a little baby to fiddle with, explore and of course put in their mouth. Also easy to wash which is always a plus.

  11. Look, Look! & Hello, Animals! books - These high contrast books are great for newborns and beneficial for their development. Because a newborn's vision isn't fully developed yet, the black and white pictures help stimulate a baby's vision and help their focus in an otherwise blurry world around them.

  12. Barnyard Animals - My daughter was a big fan of this little red barn and animals. I love that is soft, simple and easy to carry around. Your baby will enjoy pulling each animal out and squeezing it to hear the sound it makes.


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